Grand Prix 1997-2003

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  • Vinyl Samples

    Select the samples you would like from the drop-down menus below. Samples measure approximately 2"x1" in size.

    You will receive a refund of your sample purchase (less shipping fees) if you place an order within 30 days.

    Please note that if you order multiple sets of samples, we will only refund the first sample set upon purchase.

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  • Pontiac Center Cap Covers

    These OEM-style decals featuring the Pontiac arrowhead design on a circular background are a great way to customize your Pontiac.  Set of 4 decals.

    Please note that these decals are designed to be installed on a flat surface. If the surface is not flat, these decals may not work (especially the LiquiDome variety).

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  • Pontiac Rear Bumper Inlay

    This vinyl decal is applied in the "PONTIAC" indentation in the rear bumper on 1997-2003 Grand Prix GT/GTP models.

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