What is LiquiDome?
LiquiDome is a clear, durable polyurethane coating over the entire surface of the decal. The result is a high quality three-dimensional decal that looks amazing.

Which products are available with LiquiDome?
Decals coated with LiquiDome are less flexible than a regular uncoated decal and therefore cannot be installed on curved surfaces.  LiquiDome is also not possible on small decals or decals with sharp inside corners.  If LiquiDome is technically feasible on a product that we offer, it will be displayed on that specific product's page.

Installation & Durability
LiquiDome decals are much easier to install than traditional decals - their three-dimensional nature means they're easy to handle and position.  The LiquiDome finish is UV resistant to ensure your product won't turn yellow over time. With basic care, your LiquiDome decals will last the life of your vehicle.

*LiquiDome is a Trademark of GrafxWerks.